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Upwey Friends revive history!

The Friends of Upwey Station, South West Trains, Dorset County Council and the Heart of Wessex Rail Partnership gathered on 28th February to celebrate a very special new addition to the station. In Victorian times railway stations would usually have large boards positioned to let customers know that the train was “running in” to its destination. The Heart of Wessex Rail Partnership, working with Rydon Signs,  has begun to revive this tradition at stations along its line. In addition to creating an attractive feature,  these large Running In Boards particularly help first time visitors, those with visual impairment who can find smaller modern signs difficult to read and those with hearing impairment who may miss on train announcements.

The new addition to Upwey Station is unique, as Rydon Signs undertook detailed research of the original Victorian board which once graced the station and have produced a high quality replica. This means  that the Friends of Upwey Station, who help to care for and enhance the station on a voluntary basis, have also returned  a part of their community’s history. The project has been jointly funded by South West Trains and the Heart of Wessex Rail Partnership, and Councillor  Peter Finney of Dorset County Council joined the Friends of Upwey station to inaugurate the new addition to the station. Amongst the other guests joining the celebration were Friends of Dorchester West and Wool stations and Councillor John Ellis from the Dorset Councils Partnership.