The scenic railway from Bristol to Weymouth


The train stops (on request) at one of Dorset’s prettiest historic villages, perfect for a stroll back in time with many of the houses and manors dating to the 17th century. If you saw the film “Tamara Drew” and wondered if its idyllic rural setting could possibly be real – it was, and here it is! A day out here could include a lunch in one of the two unique local cafes or the White Hart Inn, or some pampering in one of the village’s hair and beauty salons!

Right opposite the  station forecourt area is the Ark Village, a treasure trove for antique and vintage collectors, with a cafe and beauty shop.  A short walk beyond the White Hart Inn  is Boyles Old School, part of which is now The Old School  gallery, gift shop and café, with a beauty salon next door. Robert Boyle, the scientist famous for Boyles Law, left money in trust for a school for children of poor families, and the main part of the gallery is in the old hall of this school. The light-filled, 15th century St. Andrews Church is well worth a special visit, with its cherished living history of the village. Look out for the delightful carved capitals, still bearing traces, like other parts of the church, of the original medieval colour scheme, the 300 year old faceless clock which chimes the national anthem six times a day, and some of the utterly captivating Millennium Hangings created by the villagers themselves.